Our Company

Established in 2021, Two Grunts Inc. began as an online retailer of firearms and gear, while co-founder Matt pursued formal training in best manufacturing practices. During this time, we identified a significant gap in the AR-15 market: the need for a top-tier rifle that offers accuracy, reliability, durability, and repeatability in a duty role—all at a cost efficient price point and optimized for widely available ammunition like M855 and M193 5.56 rounds.

While many companies produce AR-15 variants, only a handful truly excel in delivering the qualities that define a reliable “work gun.” Unfortunately, these high-quality firearms come with price points beyond what most people are comfortable spending and customers often face availability issues due to high demand. Additionally, most are not optimized to perform to their best with the affordable mil-spec ammunition commonly used for training and contingency purposes.

All of these factors are what inspired us to launch Two Grunts Inc. After years of development, extensive testing with tens of thousands of rounds, and input from respected members of the firearms community, we are proud introduce our flagship product line, the SHTF-15, which offers combat-ready performance at a competitive price point.

In addition to purchasing a high-performing rifle, you’ll also be supporting veteran-focused charities. A portion of each product purchased from us goes towards supporting both PB Abbate and the Hunter Seven Foundation. These organizations provide crucial assistance to individual veterans, their families,  and the veteran community as a whole. As a veteran-founded and run company, we are committed to supporting those organizations that aid our fellow veterans. 

You can also show your support for these organizations by visiting our shop page and purchasing one or more raffle tickets for a chance to win one of our rifles. 100% of the proceeds raised from each raffle will benefit the charity listed on that raffle page.