Company History

During our time as an online firearms retailer, we quickly found a big hole in the AR-15 marketplace. That hole is not charging an exorbitant amount to our customers for a product that meets our standards as a reliable weapons system. While there are hundreds of different names and companies out there in the AR-15 world, there are very few who can truly deliver on the four qualities that we believe make a solid work gun – accuracy, reliability, and durability all at a reasonable price to the consumer.

With that in mind, we decided to switch gears and start our own manufacturing business and fill the hole that we saw in the marketplace. After two years of development, we are proud to introduce the first of many rifle lines. Our goal is to give the everyday minutemen and citizens access to a combat-ready rifle at a price point that is fair and equitable to our customers. 

The SHTF-15 is specifically named that for a reason. This is a rifle that will last you your entire life and one that you’ll be able to rely on for any purpose or task you put in front of it. That’s why we back all of our rifles with a lifetime warranty.