Our Rifles.

Two Grunts Inc. is a veteran-founded, owned, and operated firearms manufacturer. As our name suggests, we are rifleman by trade and grunts at-heart. We specialize in building and manufacturing gas-operated semi-automatic rifles based on the AR-15 platform. Our motto, “Purpose-Built Work Guns. Rifles made to last.” holds great significance to us and we strive to achieve that with every firearm we produce. 

Every component of our rifles, from buttstock to muzzle, is meticulously thought-out, deliberately tested, and expertly manufactured and installed. This level of precision is reflected in our commitment to providing a lifetime warranty against any and all manufacturer’s defects.

Our rifles are optimized to run mil-spec M855 and M193 ammunition, ensuring reliable performance with these commonly used and manufactured rounds. Expertly engineered to function flawlessly with these standard types of ammunition, as well as the more specialized and premium ammunition types. You can expect reliable cycling, consistent accuracy, and dependable performance under various conditions.

We prioritize accuracy, reliability, durability, and most importantly repeatability of performance under all conditions. Each firearm purchased from us has undergone extensive testing and development to ultimately deliver a superior product that we stand behind. From stress tests in -20℉ weather to firing tens of thousands of rounds through our development rifles, we stand behind our rifles and their performance, whether you’re on the range or in a professional operational environment.