Mounting a Precision Optic (Collab with Apex Training Solutions)

Got a new optic for my bolt-action and @apex_trainingsolutions was kind enough to help me out with getting it all together the right way.

With bolt-actions, you want the optic as low as possible so I went with scope rings to help accomplish this.

If you’re gonna use a single-piece style mount make sure it is not cantilever. Those are higher up and made for gas guns. Damian of Apex Training Solutions had to school me on that.

Bolt-actions and precision shooting in general is a skill I plan to work on and improve a lot this summer and having a solid piece of glass is paramount in accomplishing this goal.

Once you’ve figured out an optic for your gun that fits you and your budget, mounting it comes next. Like I say in the guide this isn’t super hard to do but it takes patience and making sure you take your time to accomplish this the right and best way.

@Apex_trainingsolutions does a lot of long-range precision courses and I will be at the next one. Learning from professionals, regardless of how much you think you know and can do on your own, is never a bad idea.

Hope to see a few of you at that course. And make sure to get out and get those rounds in this summer!

Utilizing Scope Rings for Your Optic

  • Mounting an optic onto your bolt-action isn’t an overly tough or hard task but it is a tedious one.
  • Precision platforms, like bolt-actions, require precision mounting for the optic you have chosen.
  • Getting this right will make all the difference when shooting on this platform and trying to reach the limits of your gun and round.
  • Taking your time to tackle this and having the right tools available for the job will make all the difference in your performance on the range and in the field.
  • Special thanks to Damian of @apex_trainingsolutions for helping us through this and for making sure that we are providing accurate and actionable info for you all.


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Special thanks to Damian of Apex Training Solutions for the help with choosing the right optic, scope rings, and for ensuring I did this the correct way. I’ll be at their long-range precision course and hope to see some of you guys there too!

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