Remington 700 Rail – Adding a 20 MOA Picatinny Base Rail

This isn’t an overly hard job or task as far as gunsmithing goes, and I would put it at a difficulty of around 2-3. The Remington 700 is such an awesome platform and base for people to learn this type of stuff and we highly recommend it to anyone looking for their first bolt-action rifle.

Or if you’re looking for a platform to just learn on and improve in pieces this rifle is just one of those that is great for that.

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Stay hard. Stay motivated. Train. It’s about to be warmer for those of us in these colder climes, and summer is an awesome time to get out there and get some trigger time in.

Why Add a Base Rail to the Remington 700?

​​The addition of a rail base like this allows the user to add an optic to their Rem700 with ease.

  • The 20 MOA base allows you to use the full spectrum of elevation travel in your optic as opposed to a zero MOA mount directly on the rifle’s barrel.
  • Simply said, a 20 MOA base allows the shooter to shoot greater distances now as they have extra elevation adjustments and travel now available to them with a proper zero.
    • This allows for the full use of your optics elevation adjustment.
  • In addition to allowing the shooter to now use the full spectrum and ability of their optic, many modern mounting mounts/rings are designed for being placed on top of a Picatinny base.
  • Many modern rifle designs and manufacturers will add a 20 MOA base rail at the factory, however, the Remington 700 which is still based on an older design does not.
    • This quick and easy addition modernizes a very solid platform for the shooter, allowing for the full use of not just their optic but their rifle as well.


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