SHTF-15 Duty Optimized


TGI SHTF-15 Duty Optimized. This version of the SHTF-15 comes with a more rigid handguard/rail system that is optimized for both suppressed/unsuppressed setups. Upgraded trigger and Sand-Cut Bolt Carrier Group come standard in this version. Choice to upgrade to a muzzle device capable of accepting multiple suppressor mounting solutions.| Purpose-Built, Work Guns. Rifles Made to…

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TGI SHTF-15 Duty Optimized Spec Sheet:

  • 14.5″ 4150 CMV Nitrided Medium Profile Barrel – Mid-Length Gas System | standard
    • We chose this barrel length and barrel material for a specific reason. Wanting to hold true to our ethos of providing reliable work-guns for any use and role. This barrel is both accurate and able to handle a high-volume of fire in any scenario, while maintaining and repeating a high level of performance for thousands upon thousands of rounds. 14.5″ ballistically makes a lot of sense for those wanting to trim barrel length for better portability and maneuverability without giving up too much in terms of velocity. Medium profile to handle the heat build up that comes with longer and more consistent strings of fire.
    • 4150 CMV is a steel-alloy known for its durability and tensile strength. Nitride is a treatment process which is used to enhance the properties of the material being treated. Nitriding provides better accuracy than chrome-lining due to no new materials being added and the nitride imbuing into the steel alloy itself, higher abrasion resistance is gained from the nitriding, as well as corrosion resistance and heat resistance.  Trust this barrel to perform for you again, and again, no matter the circumstances.
  • .223 Wylde chamber (multi-cal) | standard
    • Capable of firing both .223 and 5.56 ammunition. This chambering comes with the same diameter dimensions as the 5.56 chamber, allowing it to safely fire the higher pressured 5.56 cartridge, and maintain the reliability in cycling that comes with this larger bored chamber. .223 Wylde chambers however, like the .223 chamber, have a shorter and tighter free-bore and lead. This leads to higher accuracy potential due to the bullet being fired hitting the rifled-portion of the barrel quicker.
  • 1:8 twist rate barrel | standard
    • 1:7 twist is the mil-spec standard, and has been the standard among “civilian” equivalents for years due to this. However, recently many manufacturers have begun to go to the slightly slower rifling twist of 1:8 due to the data showing that the lighter/shorter length bullets perform better in a slightly slower twist rifle barrel. Specifically both the M193 55-grain and the M855 62-grain projectiles. 1 MOA +/- depending on the shooter and ammunition used with most 55-69 projectiles.
  • VLTOR A5 Buffer System | standard
    • Developed for the Marine Corps the A5 Buffer System is longer and thusly heavier than your standard carbine buffer and buffer spring giving the weapon system better recoil control and the shooter a smoother and more controllable shooting experience between shots. Our buffers use the standard VLTOR A5 tube, with a stainless steel buffer and a Wolff XP Rifle spring. We went with this buffer system and components for a specific reason, to give the shooter and users of our rifles the best possible chance at repeating accurate, well placed shots with every trigger pull.
    • Buffer Weight
      • H3, 5.5 oz. | standard
        • Best all around weight. Great ejection pattern. Fast shot-to-shot. Solid recoil control.
  • Bolt/BCG
    • DS Arms Sand-Cut Bolt Carrier Group
      • Designed utilizing FAL/L1A1 style sand cuts across all load bearing surfaces of the carrier itself, these cuts in the material allow any sand, dirt, or other debris that get into the receiver itself, to be easily cycled out.
      • Carrier made of 8620 shot-peened steel to increase hardness and wearability, chrome lined to increase heat resistance and extend part-life, parkerized exterior to increase corrosion resistance.
      • Bolt is made of 9310 Super Alloy Steel, stronger than carpenter steel. MPI tested. Hardened steel extractor, with heavy duty extractor spring. Parkerized exterior.
      • Firing pin, retaining pin, and cam pin all made of hardened steel with exterior finishes to increase wearability and corrosion resistance.
  • Handguard – Rail System
    • Midwest Industries Night Fighter M-LOK Handguard 13.5”  | standard
      • Made to minimize handguard flex this handguard/rail system was developed and manufactured utilizing an ultra-rigid design, and featuring a 2.25″ 4140 steel heat treated barrel nut, with this expect minimal impact shift with popular laser aiming devices that the shooter may utilize. A continuous MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny top rail, and then an additional seven sides of M-LOK, this rail has plenty of space for any and all your accessories. With a slim 1.5″ exterior diameter and a 1.25″ inner diameter it is still comfortable to the shooter and easy to get a solid grip around. Featuring rigidity ribbing at the top, and made out of high-quality aluminum the handguard, while slim, maintains its rigidity and durability at a high margin.
      • Midwest Industries M-LOK Combat Handguard 14″ | standard model
  • Trigger
    • ALG Defense Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT)
      • Using the same parts as the QMS trigger which comes stock in our rifles, the ACT trigger uses a Nickel-Boron plating on the trigger to increase surface hardness and wear resistance. The internal trigger hammer and disconnector are Nickel-Teflon coated to lower friction coefficients while adding wear resistance. Expect a very crisp and sharp trigger pull each time with this trigger’s added properties. 4.5 lb. trigger pull.
  • SHTF45/90 Short/Full Throw Ambidextrous Safety Selector | standard
    • The SHTF45/90 is an ambidextrous safety selector that can be installed in both 45 or 90 degree throw. With both a short and full (long) throw it is designed to not get in the way of your index finger while shooting or placing your finger along the trigger well. Expect a smooth and crisp lockup when going from safe to fire and vis versa.
    • Safety selector will be installed with 90 degree throw unless otherwise specified in order notes.
  • Grip
    • TGI MP Grip | standard
      • Grip features an aggressive stippling throughout for a solid grasp in all weather and all conditions, a comfortable 15-degree angle allows for a natural and ergonomically sound hold, with a narrower front, and a wider backstrap the shooter is able to get a strong and aggressive grip throughout. An indent for the thumb allows for the natural fit of the hand all the way around. Manufactured from nylon-12 this pistol grip is as durable as it is comfortable.
    • TGI Grunt Grip (A2 Variant)
      • A take on the original A2 grip of the M-16, TGI added our own features to step-up the game of this tried and true grip. An aggressive beaver-tail allows for a comfortable and solid grasp all the way around the grip. Stippling was added in key areas around the grip to increase the shooter’s grasp and hold of the rifle. A thumb indent allows for the natural rest of the hand to increase comfortability and make it an easy and intuitive hold for the shooter regardless of position. Manufactured from nylon-12 this pistol grip is as durable as it is comfortable.
  • SHTF Ambidextrous Gas-Buster Charging Handle | standard
    • Made from 7075-T6 aluminum, this charging handle in addition to the larger and ambidextrous handle itself which allows for the easy manipulation of the charging handle, also features a raised shelf at the rear of the shaft to help block any excess gas that may be exiting the receiver towards the shooter’s face. A great addition to limit gas blowback, especially while shooting suppressed.
  • Buttstock
    • B5 Systems Bravo Stock | standard
      • A tried and true carbine stock, allows for multiple positioning of the stock in order for the shooter to find the most comfortable and effective length-of-pull for themselves, also features a raised cheek weld to allow the shooter to find a comfortable and natural head position for utilizing any optics regardless of their positioning.
    • Magpul MOE SL
      • Similar to the Bravo stock, this allows for multiple positioning on the buffer tube itself, and also features a raised cheek weld for the shooter. This buttstock is slimmer in multiple areas and features a smaller rear portion to allow for better comfort and fit regardless of any armor or other gear which may be getting in the way of establishing and maintaining proper butt-stock positioning in your shoulder pocket.
  • Muzzle Device (All muzzle devices will be pinned and welded unless otherwise specified in order notes. Does not apply to upper receivers.)
    • A2 Birdcage | standard
      • A dependable and solid muzzle device which does a good job at reducing signature, dampening recoil, and dissipating gas. Long and short versions available. Long will be pinned and welded to meet NFA requirements of 16″ overall barrel length to avoid SBR (short-barreled rifle) designation.
    • SilencerCo ASR Mounts | Quick Attach/Detach System that threads over your muzzle device. Pinned and Welded to the barrel for NFA requirements.
      • 3-Prong Flash Hider | Specially tuned to limit barrel harmonics which could affect accuracy.
      • Muzzle Brake | Ported to dissipate gas outwards and to the sides, this helps dampen recoil effectively and keep the muzzle from having too much rise.
      • Closed-Tine Flash Hider | Designed to keep debris from snagging on branches, gear, and other debris. Suppresses muzzle flash/signature.
  • Receiver Set | standard
    • 7075-T6 aluminum forging, MIL-A-8625 Type III anodized | black


All rifles sold come with the following items:

  • Soft Rifle Case/Bag
  • (1) 30-round PMAG
  • Chamber Flag & Cable Lock
  • TGI SHTF-15 Manual & Warranty Information 
  • Additional Items (SWAG)


All barrels for complete rifles sold will be pinned and welded unless otherwise specified in order notes. If pin/weld is requested to not be done understand that the rifle will be considered an NFA item and all applicable laws and regulations will be applied. 

Lead times are currently 30-60 days from order date. We will update you individually regarding your purchase if a longer lead time is expected.


Additional information

Muzzle Device

A2 Bidcage Long, No Muzzle Device (NFA Item), Silencer Co. ASR 3 Prong, Silencer Co. ASR Closed Tine, Silencer Co. ASR Muzzle Brake, A2 Birdcage Short (NFA Item)

Safety Selector

Left-Handed Oriented, Right-Handed Oriented

Pistol Grip

TGI MP Grip, TGI Grunt Grip (A2 Variant)


B5 Systems Bravo Stock, Magpul MOE SL